Top 5 Important Secrets to Slowing Aging

Allegra Falconer

Everyone is trying to fight the signs of aging yet they are desperately trying on anything to fight them. There are simple procedures of slowing down aging without having to heap your body with thousands of chemicals and painful procedures. The following are secrets that if you look into will slow down the aging process. They are not your instant solution but their effects last in the long term.

Stay Active

Staying active is one secret to staying young longer. There are more than one way of staying active. Well, the following are two ways in which you can maintain an active lifestyle.

  • Add A Sport Or Physical Activity To Your Regime
    Slowing Aging

    Any physical activity that requires your coordination will do the trick to getting that younger feel. The process of coordination stimulates the connections among neurons which in turn triggers the brain. In this, your brain remains active and so does your memory. Instead of straining yourself, you can join a dance class, ride your bike, become active in swimming and you are on your way to slowing down aging. These exercises keep you active and you also get enjoy them.

  • Have A Healthier Sex Life
    According to research, regular sex slows down aging. This is because the secrets a hormone known as DHEA during sex. This hormone is responsible for weight management and muscle strength. As you age, the levels of this hormone start to reduce. An active sex life helps you to ensure that the levels are maintained.

    In addition it secretes the happy hormone which helps individuals manage stressful conditions. Women will release a hormone, oxytocin which helps them regulate mood swings. In reference to men, they stimulate the production of testosterone which when in low levels promotes anti-aging techniques.

Stay Sharp

Staying sharp addresses the aspect of memory. A vibrant brain is sure to slow the aging process.

  • Get At Least 30 Minutes Of Aerobic Exercise
    According to research, there is a strong link between aerobic exercise and memory stimulation. In this, the brain receives more oxygen which is a essential for feeding it. With a good supply of oxygen, the cells remain young. It is also evident that there is formation of new brain cells in the part of the brain that is responsible for memory.
  • Stop Smoking Pot
    Smoking pot commonly known as marijuana, causes what many will call getting high. This is THC which stimulates the production of dopamine. Using pot over the years will cause a quicker aging of neurons which turns into loss of memory. This is a long term effect. In the short term, this limits the brains ability to take in information and retain it. It also becomes very difficult to coordinate different concepts.

Look Younger

your physical appearance speaks volumes when it comes to providing an estimate on your age.

  • Wrinkle Less
    Wrinkle are a sign of aging. The best way to get rid of wrinkles is by staying away from that cigarette. Smoking narrows the blood vessels that nourish the skin leaving your skin dry and full of lines and wrinkles.
  • Sleep More Hours
    If you do not sleep enough, you produce ghrelin hormone. This boosts your appetite for junk. The probability of being overweight is relatively high. It also leaves you prone to diseases such as heart attack, diabetes and stroke. Enough sleep will also help you look lively as your body is rested.
  • Revamp Your Skin Care Routine
    As you age, your anti aging skin care relies on you to be refreshed. You need to work on the production of new collagen to keep it looking healthy. You can use a retinol cream and protect your skin from UV rays by using a moisturizer and a good sunscreen.

Feel Younger

  • Yoga
    Yoga is a good solution to maintaining memory and staying energetic too. Yoga involves different poses that require coordination and balance. This stimulates the brain and the result is a sharpened memory and a younger feel and yoga moves for fight aging.
  • Take Fish Oil Supplements
    These supplements provide the omega 3 fatty acids. These are known to slow down aging by working on the body cells to keep you young. It is a remedy from the root and not just the surface.
  • Lift Weights
    Lifting weights helps you to build lean muscle. This helps in weight management. As a form of resistance training, it is ideal for preventing osteoporosis as it stimulates the remineralization of bone tissue.

Feel More Energetic

Younger individuals are packed with energy. To slow down aging, energy levels matter a great deal.

  • Get Your Thyroid Checked
    The thyroid is responsible for the regulation of the entire metabolic system. Once is it impaired, then you start to gain weight, you lack energy and libido. It is therefore important to have your thyroid checked.
  • Cut Down On Drinking
    Alcohol is known to oxidize body cells which damages them. In turn, it leads to weight gain, memory loss, rosacea and the capillaries on the skin burst. These make you look older than you actually are.
  • Get A Full Sleep Evaluation
    Sufficient sleep provides your body with the necessary rest. Inadequate sleep will get you looking tired and sluggish. If you cannot get enough sleep, then have an expert look at you.

The secret to looking young does not have to be expensive or painful. With the provided secrets, you are on your way to looking younger longer. The signs of aging do not have to rush you to looking older that you are. Try these out and you will enjoy youth in the long term.