Top 10 Natural Foods That Boost Female Libido

Allegra Falconer

Having a low libido is a common problem for many women, both young and old. However, there are many ways in which a woman can boost her libido. Sure, there are medical ways, and even some really great natural supplements as well.

But when a woman wants a completely natural and whole way, she’ll turn to what she eats. This is actually quite smart, as what you put in your body largely effects how well that body does it’s job, even sexually. There are many great foods which can help boost a female’s libido.

Here are just ten of those foods which can help boost one’s libido, in an enjoyable and tasty way as well!


Boost Female Libido

Many women wouldn’t think that asparagus can help boost their libido. But they indeed can, and quite efficiently too!

Asparagus are rich in all sorts of vitamins and nutrients, many of those can help boost your libido. This is especially true for folic acid, which boosts histamines within the body. Histamines are needed for arousal and orgasm alike.


Eating even a handful of almonds a day can do wonders for your libido. This is because of what’s in those almonds.

Almonds are chock full of vitamins and amino acids, which are needed for healthy sexual function. Even a glass of the delicious almond milk a day can help boost your libido back to normal!


An avocado can do many great things, but they’re especially good for a woman’s libido due to the high amounts of vitamin B6, which helps testosterone production. They also have a lot of potassium, which can help many other glands within your body, making both your body and libido healthy.


Bananas are a wonderful aphrodisiac food, and not just for their phallic shape. Bananas are loaded with B vitamins and potassium as well. This leads to production of more hormone, greater energy, and a healthier body in general.


Basil seems to have many great benefits, including an enhanced sex drive, better circulation, and may even help cure headaches. Even throwing a few basil leaves upon your salad at dinner time can help boost your femmed libido and getting your sexual function up and running once again.

Soy Products

Soy products have been known to help with common symptoms of menopause, but they can also help improve sexual function.

Soy products can help a woman become and say aroused and lubricated easier, as well as help improve circulation and much more. This is because of the vitamins and acids within it, which work as a binder for estrogen, and estrogen is needed for proper female sexual function.


This fruit has been known to help women feel sexy, and to help with their sexual function as well. Mangoes often work as an aphrodisiac and can help a woman become easily aroused more often. This is due to the vitamins and properties of the fruit.


This tasty green vegetable has been known to work as a libido booster for many women. Studies suggest it is due to the high vitamin C content within these green stalks that help boost circulation and arousal. Many women have experienced great things from eating broccoli, no matter which way it is prepared as well.


Though chocolate is often considered as the best sweet libido booster, that just may be wrong. Having even a small slice of watermelon has been known to produce almost viagra-like effects on both men and women. This sweet, juicy fruit even has the properties to boost libido.


Ginseng is more commonly known to help energy, but don’t be fooled, it can help your libido as well.

In fact, many libido enhancers are now starting to combine it in their products it works so well. You can get your intake by taking it in a capsule, throwing some ginseng leaves within a salad or even just drinking some ginseng tea.