Top 10 Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Brightener


Products that make the skin lighter are very popular today. These products basically improve overall appearance of the skin and get rid of unsightly light or dark spots. They also make the skin appear less dull and more radiant. However, there are several ingredients you should watch out for if you’re in the market for these skin lightening products.


Top 10 Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Brightener

The top dangerous ingredient you should avoid in skin brightening products is hydroquinone. This ingredient is a powerful whitening agent that causes the skin to lose elasticity. It also thins out the skin making it more susceptible to damage. Long term use can also lead to nerve and liver damage.


Mercury can be found in many beauty products like skin brighteners. Specific types of mercury are potent skin lighteners but it can cause a lot of health problems including brain damage.

Other Heavy Metals

Lead and other heavy metals are common ingredients in low-quality beauty products from third world countries. These can lead to heavy metal poisoning and other health problems.


If you’re looking for a good skin brightener, make sure that it doesn’t contain corticosteroids which is a powerful skin whitening ingredient but poses many health risks. It can lead to hormone problems and damage sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Synthetic Fragrances

To make skin brighteners more aromatic, some companies add synthetic fragrances which usually contain phthalates. These ingredients may alter genital development and wreak havoc on hormone levels.


This ingredient extends shelf life but can also disrupt normal hormone production which can lead to several health problems. Make sure that the skin brightener you purchase doesn’t contain this harmful ingredient.


This is a preservative that is used to preserve other ingredients. It releases formaldehyde in small amounts and can lead to contact dermatitis and other skin problems.


These are derived from crude oil but are sometimes added in skin brightener formulations to moisturize the skin. However, it can clog pores which can lead to acne and skin irritation.

Chemical Sunscreens

Some examples are octylmethoxycinnamate and oxybenzone. These have been shown to disrupt normal endocrine activity leading to health problems.


These are often used to give soap, shampoo and cleansers latherability. It is derived from petroleum but can also be derived from vegetable oils that may be contaminated with pesticides. It can cause eye and skin irritation.

If you’re looking for a good skin brightener to improve your skin’s appearance, you need to watch out for these dangerous ingredients.

Otherwise, there is a high possibility that your skin will just look worse instead of making it look more radiant and youthful. Always check the ingredients of the skincare product and perform some research before purchasing.