Tips on lips care

Allegra Falconer 

The first thing that catches your attention while coming across someone is definitely the face of an individual. Soft and pink lips often draw attention. If you also want to have attractive lips then use lip liner and feel proud and confident no matter how old are you. Here are some valuable lips care, and lip makeup tips that you should know for sure:

Tips on lips care

In order to get enduring lip color, you should apply pure foundation on your lips, sprinkle dust on them and then color them. This technique helps retain the color even on dark lips.

Pick a lip liner very similar to the lipstick color to draw the shape of your lips.

If you want to give a thicker look to your lips then make the border beyond your natural lip line and vice versa.

Once your outline is made, fill the area with lipstick using a brush and merge the color well.

Lipsticks can be matte, creamy, glossy, or frost ones. Pick the one that suits you and do not make the skin on lip appear dry and chipped.

A pure tinted gloss look can also be get by sucking on the Popsicle of preferred shade.

Apply double coats of lipstick for longer stability. After finishing the first coat, compress the lips on a tissue paper and after that use the second coat.

drawing the outline helps prevent lip color bleeding.

You can also apply lip-gloss on lipstick or use alone for a nude look.

Lip-gloss makes lips appear thicker, so women having thicker lips should not use it.