How to Tighten Loose Facial Skin?


It is likely that you have loose facial skin that you cannot get rid of, no matter what you try. Sometimes this happens because you have recently lost much of your body weight, or you could just be getting older. Skin can be loose anywhere on the body, although it always seems worse when the loose skin is facial skin and in the area of the jowls.

There are several natural methods that you should use to try and tighten your skin, first, before you start considering trying something drastic, like a plastic surgery or another cosmetic procedure. Depending on how bad of a condition your facial skin is in, you may have to try different things, but one of the following methods should work for you.

Slightly Loose Facial Skin

Tighten Loose Facial Skin

You may have noticed that your facial skin is just starting to sag and loosen if you have just started to lose weight and have dropped ten to twenty pounds, or if you have just started to enter your forties or fifties. The fastest and simplest way to tighten loose facial skin of this level is just splashing it will ice cold water. You may need to do it several times a day, but it really works great.

You can also perform certain exercises daily to keep the skin from loosening further. To do this, suck in your cheeks as far in as you are capable. Hold them that way for a few seconds and then slowly allow them to relax. Do it again at minimum five times each day to get the best possible results. This is one of the best, most effective exercises.

Moderately Loose Facial Skin

If your skin is giving in to sagging even more than it used to, then it is probably time to start performing tougher facial skin exercises. You should start by giving this exercise a try. Begin with a smile, as wide as you can manage, then open up your mouth up as far as possible, and finally tilt back your head.

As you are doing this exercise, you should pull your lower lip up over the upper lip and hold this position for at least five seconds. Do this exercise at least five times in a row and you will start noticing great results. It is, of course, advisable that you perform these skin tightening exercises when no one is around to see you.

Another great way to tighten loose facial skin is with facial massage. The massages will stimulate your skin and the muscles in your face, and this will help you look fresh, more alive, and will help you in your quest to tighten that sagging facial skin and the areas around your face.

Last of all, before you start researching surgery, there are numerous kinds of facial firming creams that you can try out like Juvabrite and a few different creams to find the right one for your face, so you should try samples of various creams before you commit to one. Once you do try one, and it is the right one, you will start to notice a huge difference.