Preventing Sunburn – Beach Sun Care Tips

Allegra Falconer 

During the summer season most people take advantage of the gorgeous sunny days. People head to the beach, plan afternoon barbecues and go on family picnics. Beach vacations are spent doing fun summer activities such as cycling, swimming, boating and playing games like Frisbee and beach volleyball. People often do not realize how much sun they are getting until they get a red, painful sunburn. It is important that people take proper care of their skin while they are having fun in the sun.

Preventing Sunburn - Beach Sun Care TipsPeople need to protect their skin from UV rays. Sun exposure causes skin damage that results in premature aging. Many people who tan throughout their teenage years look haggard by the time they are in their late thirties. Sun burns increase the risk of skin cancer, which is sometimes fatal. Some people think that they are protecting their skin by applying a bit of sun block now and then, but it is important to know the proper Sun Care methods.

Sunscreen should be used on sunny and cloudy days. UV rays can still harm the skin on an overcast day. A fairly large amount of sunscreen should be applied to all exposed areas of the body. Most people underestimate the amount of sunblock needed for protection and only apply half the amount they should be using. Sunscreen should be applied to the skin 30 minutes before going outside. The sunscreen needs time to absorb into the skin. This is especially important for those applying waterproof sunscreen. The sunscreen should be fully absorbed into the skin before entering the water.

People should also apply lip balm that contains sun protection. Sunscreen should be applied every two hours. If someone goes swimming they should reapply sunscreen as soon as they come out of the water and dry off. Some waterproof sunscreens only last for around 40 minutes, so someone who is spending the day in the water will need to dry off and reapply throughout the day to stay protected.

The following Beach Sun Care tips will keep you safe during the summer season.

Things to pack in your beach bag:

  • Waterproof sunscreen or sunblock lotion
  • Medicated lip balm with sun protection
  • A wide brimmed hat that will block the sun
  • Hair products that will protect hair from sun damage
  • Medications such as Tylenol for headaches, fever and pain
  • Soothing Aloe Vera Gel in case of accidental sunburn