Looking for a Nose Job in Phuket? Let Us Guide You


Commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty can be done for cosmetic or functional reasons. For whichever reason you need it, the procedure costs a small fortune in first-world countries.

Driven by the high out-of-pocket expenses, people look towards other countries for affordable alternatives. For people in Australia and New Zealand, getting their rhinoplasty in Thailand is the most convenient and affordable solution. There are many excellent clinics in Thailand’s exciting city of Phuket where you can get a nose job for much less.

What are the Cost Guide?

Since cost the main motivation for flying out to Phuket, you should have a good idea of the potential savings. On average, a nose job will cost AUD $12,600 and NZD $13,575 in Australia and New Zealand respectively.

In Phuket the average cost at reputable clinics is around AUD $1,200 / NZD $1,300. So you are paying only about ten percent for the nose job in Phuket.

It is important to know why the prices are so low. If you are wondering if it is because of lower quality, you are not alone. And it is a genuine concern because it is never a good idea to trade dollars for health.

The main reason for the cost difference is that operating costs are much lower in Thailand compared to Australia or New Zealand. Thailand’s lower cost of living also keeps prices low.

On top of that, the clinics there are quite competitive, all vying for your business. The best surgeons understand that the most reliable way of attracting continual business is providing best quality despite lower prices. The economics of their country allows them to do that.

How to Select a Good Clinic?

Select a Good Clinic
The key to getting an effective rhinoplasty in Thailand is finding the right clinic. When you are looking at clinics, make sure to check out:

  • Clinic descriptions
  • Details of surgeons and support staff
  • Reviews of past patients
  • Photos of the facility

A good clinic will not hide any of these important pieces of information. In Thailand, rhinoplasty does not come with the hidden cost of lower quality, so long as you find a reputable clinic. You should also ask about warranties, which is always an indication of quality.

How to Prepare for a Nose Job in Thailand?

The better you plan, the more convenient will be your medical holiday to Phuket. Check out some helpful tips for preparing for getting your nose job:

1. Ask someone to accompany you to Phuket for moral and physical support
2. Pack comfortable clothes. Pick front-buttoning shirts to avoid having to pull them over your head
3. Ask the clinic if they partner with hotels to provide special rates for their patients
4. Get any prescriptions a few days before the procedure if possible
5. Stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen and herbal supplements a couple of weeks before surgery
6. Stop smoking two to four weeks before surgery because nicotine slows down the healing

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All in all, with the right guidance and planning, you can make the most of your rhinoplasty in Thailand.

You will return home with a better looking and/or functioning nose, spending only a fraction of what you would have to spend back home.

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