Can the Brain Benefit from Healthy Aging?

Allegra Falconer 

Everyone ages continuously. This is a natural life process that cannot be stopped. You have seen people grow old and slowly lose their mental sharpness, clarity, alertness and memory. Do you know that you can prevent this from happening to you?

The Brain and Healthy Aging

Can the Brain Benefit from Healthy Aging

Today, people get sick easily especially when they are older. This has led the elderly to live an inactive lifestyle. Often, they isolate themselves at home and prefer being alone. This doesn’t help a person age healthily. As a result, the body becomes weaker and the brain also gradually becomes weaker. On the other hand, seniors who have a healthy lifestyle and keeps themselves busy everyday experience the opposite. They still feel energetic enough to perform physical activities and their mental sharpness is maintained. That is what healthy aging can do for you.

Using the Brain

Healthy aging requires using the brain often and not allowing it to be idle. The brain is like a muscle; you have to work it regularly in order to be healthy and strong. Mental weakening is inevitable with aging, but there are ways to slow it down significantly. In fact, there are studies showing that it is possible for seniors to maintain their mental sharpness even when they are well beyond their 70s.

People who do not use their brains as much will have memory deterioration. Not only that, the brain functioning will be reduced too. The brain will no longer be as sharp and alert if it is not being exercised regularly. Just like muscles, they get weaker if not used. So, if you want your brain to age healthily, you should use it. You can do this by solving challenging puzzles and playing games that require you to think. There are many online games available for older adults.

Physical and Social Activities

Healthy aging is affected by two things. One is your physical well-being. Seniors should regularly exercise and work out their muscles including the heart. Low-impact exercises will do as long as they are exercising. Exercising releases natural happy hormones called endorphins which can put them in a good mood. We all know how grumpy seniors can get.

The other thing is social well-being. Apart from being physically fit, seniors should socially interact with friends, family and other people. At this age, social relationships help in keeping the brain healthy. Social isolation, which is what most elders do, accelerates the aging deterioration of the brain. Those who just watch TV all day have more chances of losing their mental alertness.

In order to live life fully even at a very old age, having a healthy body and mind is important. Make an effort to achieve both.