Semen Volume – What You Really Need to Know?


There are a various factors that influence the normal male semen volume. So these must be understood to answer this question accurately. Let us examine this in more detail.

1. What is the Normal Semen Volume?

Male Increase Semen Volume

According to studies by the World Health Organization, most males produce an average volume of between 2 and 5 ml of semen. This is based on the amount released at the point of full ejaculation. A consistent semen volume of under 1.5 ml is known as hypospermia and anything over 5.5 ml is called hyperspermia.

Either of these is considered outside the averages and would be diagnosed clinically as an abnormal semen volume. These variations do not necessarily indicate a medical problem, since low sperm volume occurs with frequent ejaculations while high sperm volume can be attributed to long periods of abstinence.

2. Why Do Men Want to Increase Their Sperm Volume?

The general reason men want to increase their sperm count is related to fertility and conception issues. Since the biological imperative of semen is the human reproductive cycle, making babies is associated with male sperm count. Unfortunately this is not a purely accurate assessment. Any individual male can have a very different sperm count. The variation from one male to another is quite extensive, even from day to day.

When looking at an individual semen volume from any male, several samples must be analyzed and taken over a period of weeks. Any single analysis will be inadequate to gauge a true accounting of the individual’s sperm count or it’s impact on fertility overall.

3. Semen Volume and Masculinity

Essentially semen are utilized purely for human reproduction. Sperm act as the biological vehicle, it is how the female reproductive tract becomes fertilized. As important as this maybe to reproduction, it reflects very minimally on the personal masculinity of the individual.

Semen volume is never a pure indication of capability for fertility, nor does having a normal sperm count guarantee a successful conception. Also having a higher semen volume can actually hinder the reproductive process or cause other types of fertility complications.

4. Semen Volume and Sexual Pleasure

Although the action of ejaculation is highly important to most males, their actual volume of semen is only one component of sexual pleasure. Release of sperm generally accompanies the male orgasm and improve sexual performance is derived from it. Even so, erections and orgasms are controlled by completely different biological mechanisms. Full semen release isn’t necessary to have enjoyable sex. Therefore semen volume is minimally important to sensual pleasure and sexual activities.

5. Semen Volume and Sexual Intercourse

The male sperm count is only relative to sexual intercourse, when trying to conceive a child. As semen are released into the vaginal interiors, the semen volume does increase chances of fertilization by sheer numerical opportunity. Even so, a single sperm can achieve the same result.

In sexual intercourse, semen volume only makes the sex feel hotter, but isn’t necessarily better.

6. Is It Possible to Increase Semen Volume Naturally?

Some things can increase male fertility statistically and most are related to having a more natural lifestyle. Eating healthy, having a balanced dietary regiment and getting daily exercise are a good start. By making sure that your body is in fully functional health, will increase the fertility chances for any male and their semen volume. Not using consuming alcohol, drugs or tobacco products is highly recommended.

Avoiding exposure to occupational dangers or anything like industrial toxins in the workplace is also advisable. Also try to reduce the level of stress in your daily life, especially during periods when trying to conceive and sexual activity is prominent.

All these are possible ways of increasing semen volume naturally.


The measurement of semen volume is tricky, even with the best new technologies. Because sperm count can be impacted by multiple types of factors, men should not focus on increase your sperm count. Rather the average male should concentrate on living a more optimum and healthy lifestyle.

This will offer the best opportunity to elevate their semen volume naturally and let nature do the rest. Just enjoy having more sex, the results are more likely to be favorable and definitely much more fun.