The Best Non-Prescription Eyelash Enhancer For Longer Lashes


What’s with women and the things they do to add more drama to their eyes? It comes as no surprise that eyelash enhancers are selling like hotcakes. That’s because these do work. Try it and you’ll see that you no longer need to use mascara or extensions to make your lashes look thicker and longer. Just imagine how this product was discovered.

The Best Non-Prescription Eyelash Enhancer For Longer Lashes

Eyelash enhancers came to be when patients using glaucoma medicines noticed that their lashes because thicker and longer. The manufacturers then began to experiment and in time, they came out with a reformulated product that women can turn to.

How to Get Long Lashes

There are so many ways to add length to your lashes. The most common methods are mascaras, extensions, and falsies. But then again, there’s a lot to be said when you don’t use any of these and yet, people still notice how long your lashes are. There are a variety of eyelash enhancers sold in the market, but these don’t come cheap. If you really want to make the right investment, make sure you get the best eyelash enhancer for you.

The Top Sellers

So, before you get your very own bottle, know the top sellers. Here’s the list of the best eyelash enhancer based on sales and customer feedback:

  1. Maxolash
  2. Manufactured by Dermagevity Cosmeceuticals, a well-regarded skincare brand. Its main strength is the list of ingredients used to make the product work. It makes use of a protein complex with vitamins so that it is gentle on your eyes. It also contains hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, pro-vitamin B5, and Panthenol to moisturize your lashes and keep them strong even when you constantly apply makeup. Click here to go to the official website:

  3. Rapid Lash
  4. This serum contains pro-vitamin B5, pumpkin seed extract, amino acids, biotin, and hyaluronic acid. What makes this brand popular is that it’s relatively cheaper than the other brands but it has proven to work just as well. Click here to go to the official website:

  5. SmartLash
  6. Participants in clinical studies can attest to the fact that they’ve noticed as much as 68% growth in their lashes. In fact, many have noticed the improvement within just one week.
    Click here to go to the official website:

  7. Priori
  8. This contains peptides, a breakthrough formula that creates fuller, thicker, and more dramatic lashes within two weeks of use. Click here to go to the official website:

  9. Obagi
  10. You can’t go wrong when you have the Obagi name to back you up. Many can attest to the fact that this makeup and skincare line is made from the quality formula. Its eyelash enhancer has been tested by reputable dermatologists and ophthalmologists to make sure that you get what you’ve paid for and that you’re more than happy with the purchase. Click here to go to the official website:

When it comes to choosing the best eyelash enhancer, read what the customers have to say and consider your needs. Your goal is to make an informed decision so that you end up with a brand you’re truly happy with.