Pressure Relief Cushion – Make Pressure Sores, a Thing of the Past

Allegra Falconer 

Bed sores normally develop on the body of the patient, when the patient is on the bed due to prolonged illness. In spite of hiring someone for personal care of an immobile patient, there is a need for pressure relief cushion so that the patient doesn’t become uncomfortable. One should be very much careful while choosing the pressure relief cushion. It all depends upon the need of the patient that whether the patient is in high need of cushion or not.


Categories for Pressure Relief Cushions

1. Viscoflex Memory Foam: There are three categories of cushions available i.e. the high–risk, Medium-risk and the Low-risk. The Visco Flex Memory Foam for these pressure relief cushions is made from the foam of viscoelastic which helps the blood circulation and can spread the weight of the user reducing the risk of developing sores. This cushion is considered a high-risk cushion where you have the patient with a pressure sore. This prevents more of these pressure sores.


2. Viscoelastic memory foam: One can think of the Memory foam pressure relief cushion from Harley Luxury, which has a three-layered combination of high-density polyurethane foam and visco-elastic memory foam. This type of cushion helps in reduction of ulcers and easily fit the shape of the body of the patient. This cushion can take way the weight and the heat of the user and provide shock absorption and stability. This is a ring-shaped cushion specially designed for people with sensitive posterior. The cut-out that is ring shaped can relieve the sensitive area by transferring pressure to non- sensitive areas.

Gel Based

3. Gel based Cushions: One have the option of thinking of the gel pressure relief cushions if the patient is a user of a wheelchair or for those who need to be seated most of the time. This is made from a combination of silicone gel and viscoelastic foam that can provide the ultimate user comfort. These cushions are made from raised gel cells allowing the air to circulate. The gel in this cushion has heat conductivity on the lower side which in turn reduces the speed at which the temperature of the skin rises. These cushions work best for those who are at a high risk of developing pressure sores.

Air Flow Pressure

4. Air Flow Pressure Cushions: Air Flow Pressure Cushions are designed specifically for those at a high risk of pressure sores. This is connected to a pump and has a flow of air constantly moving inside and being able to deliver good levels of pressure relief to the one who uses this. This pressure relief cushion is made from cells that are interconnected which can provide low, adjustable deformation and environment that can counter pressure. This can be of a great help in the healing of pressure sores and pressure ulcers that are at the base of the spine, buttocks and lower lumbar.

Making Your Choice Easier

This shopping gets convenient if you can log onto the different websites offering you these pressure relief cushions as you have a display of all the cushions which are available with their specifications and also a wide price range. Make sure you opt for a reputed manufacturer before clicking on the ‘buy’ option.

When you buy a pressure relief cushion, make sure you do not place anything on it as this will cause issues with its effectiveness and not give the results desired. Go through the link to get more information about Pressure